Communist Party of SwazilandThe Communist Party of Swaziland welcomes the release of the leaders of the freedom movement, Mario Masuku, President of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) and Maxwell Dlamini, Secretary of the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO).

The incarceration of the two leaders has been part of a crackdown by the Mswati regime on the democracy movement, which has been intensifying in recent years. Cde Mausku and Cde Dlamini were arrested for their vocal support for PUDEMO at a May Day demonstration in 2014.

Rather than being a relaxation of restrictions on PUDEMO and other banned parties and organisations, the release of Cde Masuku and Cde Dlamini represents a momentary concession. This is mainly to appease the EU, from which the Mswati regime will receive €62 million (E 800 million), supposedly earmarked for horticulture and social protection programmes, but in all likelihood to be used by Mswati for his own vanity projects.

The CPS stresses that while it is better that the brave comrades Masuku and Dlamini are out of rather than in prison, this does not mean that the movement to liberate Swaziland from Mswati’s autocracy should relax its guard.  Under their bail conditions, the two comrades are prevented from any meaningful activity in their organisations. The clampdown continues, and the hounding pro-democracy individuals and organisations will not diminish.

The CPS calls on all its members and allies in the broader democracy movement not to relax their guard but to increase their vigilance in conducting their work in the country. This, the CPS stresses, is needed now more than ever.

Viva freedom for Swaziland from Mswati’s tyranny
Viva CPS
Viva Socialism

Source: Solidnet / RedGlobe