FARC-EPWith the purpose of:

– Strengthening the confidence of Colombian men and women in the peace process and trust between delegations;

– Expediting the construction of agreements on all remaining aspects of the Agenda of the General Agreement; and

– Creating conditions for the implementation of the Final Bilateral Cease of fire and Hostilities (Sub-point 1 of item 3 “End of Conflict” of the Agenda of the General Agreement).

The delegations of the National Government and the FARC-EP have decided to:

I. Make all the necessary effort to reach the signing of the Final Agreement without delay, for which we changed the methodology for a technical working method of working continuously and simultaneously on the central points of the Agenda. At the same time, agreements are built at the Conversation Table. To do this, we defined a plan with established goals.

II. In particular, agree without delay the terms of the Final and Bilateral Cease of Fire and Hostilities and Abandonment of Weapons, including the monitoring and verification system.

To this end, the delegations request the presence of a delegate of the UN Secretary General and a representative of the presidency of UNASUR (now Uruguay) in the technical sub-commission, in order to help to start the discussion on the monitoring and verification system and to start preparing from now on the implementation, subject to the decision of the delegations on future participation in the monitoring and verification system of other organizations or countries.

III. In the meantime:

The FARC-EP, as a measure of de-escalation, maintain the unilateral suspension of all offensive actions.

For its part, the Government, from July 20, will start a process of de-escalation of military actions, in correspondence with the suspension of offensive actions by the FARC-EP.

In any case, the National Government and its institutions, in accordance with its constitutional obligations, will continue to ensure the protection of all Colombians and the rule of law throughout the national territory. The Government will continue to pursue crime and under no circumstances will tolerate any organization outside the law to exercise coercion on communities through the use of arms. Pursuant to the above, the National Government will promote respect and guarantee the free exercise of the fundamental rights of all Colombians.

In four months from today, each of the delegations will make a first assessment of both the compliance with these measures of de-escalation, and the results of the efforts to expedite the progress of the Table, and take the decisions it deems appropriate .

The foregoing is without prejudice to the possibility of starting the Bilateral and Final Cease of Fire and Hostilities, if an agreement is reached.

IV. The National Government and the FARC will intensify, based on a schedule, the implementation of confidence-building measures.

Source: FARC-EP peace delegation / RedGlobe