Communist Party of UkraineJuly 24, 2015 the Minister of Justice just before the local elections in the autumn this year, has signed an order excluding three communist parties (including the Communist Party of Ukraine, CPU), from the electoral process.

Signing this decision to prohibit all communist parties to take part in the electoral process in the country, the government deprives Ukrainians of the possibility to support the leftist ideas and the right to elect, forbids people to have an alternative and forbids to have their representatives in the parliament and thus through them to oppose the policies of thieves Poroshenko regime.

Now, in spite of the hysterical propaganda of the ruling »party of war« the idea of ​​peace is dominated among the Ukrainians. In turn, the Communist Party stands for peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, and ending the war. Our comrades are very well known and they have a chance to win the local elections in a number of key regional, city and district councils, and the election of mayors. It scares the regime, which in flagrant violation of the right and the law (the party is not prohibited by a court decision according to the Constitution) prohibits the Communist Party to participate in elections.

But despite these authorities’ statements, the Communist Party is going to participate in local elections, scheduled for the autumn of 2015 and is ready to defend the interests of our voters.

The constitutional rights of citizens cannot be canceled by order of the Minister of Justice.

Source: Communist Party of Ukraine via Solidnet / RedGlobe