World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) condemns the murderous attack that took place at the city of Suruc in Turkey. The attack resulted the death of at least 28 peoples and more than a 100 injured, with the majority of them being students.

The said murderous attack took place at a cultural centre of the city during a demonstration that was organised against the decision of the government to prohibit the participation of a group of young people at the reconstruction of Kobani – Ain Arab which is under the attack of the ISIS. The same ISIS that is supported by the Turkish government to attack the city and it was funded, armed and supported by the USA, EU and their allies against the freedom, sovereignty, and unity of the Syrian people. As well as the possibility of developing a modulatory political choice.

The said attack is considered as a fascist action, and WFDY remarks that fascism in the region is the result of the imperialists plans and interventions in Middle East, and in the whole world as well.

WFDY express its solidarity to the families of the dead and injured people in Suruc, and calls the anti-imperialist youth to follow the path of the organized massive struggle against imperialism and its plans, and also to resist and fight against any reactionary fascist power which is aiming to break the unity of the peoples, which is aiming to brake the unity of the anti-imperialist youth movement.

Budapest 22/07/2015
The HQ of WFDY