PAME rally against the SYRIZA memorandum, 10th July, 2015. Foto: PAME

The Executive Secretariat of PAME denounces the anti workers Agreement, the 3rd Memorandum which was decided at the Euro Summit. The Socialdemocratic SYRIZA, the far right ANEL and the conservatives of the ND, and the other bourgeois political parties immediately turned the NO and the YES of the referendum to one answer, “Agreement with the EU at any cost”. Agreement =New Memorandum that brings a new series of anti-peoples measures. Measures that will be added to the anti workers legislation of the 2 previous memoranda.

This Agreement directs destruction of any rights left to the workers, destruction of social benefits, labour rights, and greater taxation to the popular strata.

PAME calls the working class to reject the new Agreement. With its struggle to say NO to the new barbaric 3rd Memorandum and the new, brutal measures.

We have the power to reject the Memoranda, the bosses and the sold out trade union leaderships, to demand immediate measures of relief and recovering of our losses.

Source: PAME / RedGlobe