Kobani solidarity demonstration in Berlin, 2014. Foto: Montecruz Foto / flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)YPG General Command has released a statement denouncing attack by the Turkish army against positions of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Free Syria Army (FSA). According to the statement, the Turkish Army shelled the YPG and FSA positions in the village of Zormikhar in front of the ISIS-occupied town Jarabulus – using heavy tank fire at 4:30 July 24 in western Kobani. In this attack four fighters of the FSA and several local villagers were injured.

Yesterday at 22:00, the Turkish army again shelled the same village with 7 tank rounds. The statement said that one of YPG vehicles came under heavy fire from the Turkish military east of Kobani (west of Tel Abyad) in the village of Til Findire at 23:00 yesterday.

»Instead of targeting IS terrorists’ occupied positions, Turkish forces attack our defenders positions. This is not the right attitude. We urge Turkish leadership to halt this aggression and to follow international guidelines. We are telling the Turkish Army to stop shooting at our fighters and their positions«, YPG General Command said.

Source: ANF / RedGlobe