FIRFacing the scandalous incidents in several European countries in dealing with refugees, the FIR is very worried.

We remind you that most of people not voluntarily leave their home. However conflicts particularly in North Africa and the Middle East – escalated also by the politics of the States of the European Union – force more and more people from these countries to leave their homes and seek shelter in other parts of the world.

Based on this, we can not accept it in any way that the European Union – despite statements to the contrary – tried de facto by all means, to stop people fleeing from great distress or because of the threat of war and misery of their homeland, at the crossing of the Europe’s external borders. It is now several thousand in the Mediterranean drowned refugees are taken approvingly accepted. Instead of taking the distress of refugees in the view, the governments advised only how more refugees and “organized criminal gangs” can be stopped.

The second scandal is the inequality of aid for refugees in the European Union. We criticize the inhumane displacement of people between countries, with the poorest countries, Greece, Italy and Spain are disproportionately high burden, while other states, such as Poland or the Baltic states refuse to provide assistance. The erection of walls and border fences, as it plans the Hungarian Orban government towards Serbia, or tightening of the passage through the Euro-Tunnel is not a solution to this problem.

The third scandal is the increasingly restrictive stance of various politicians and governments which – under the right-wing populist slogan “the boat is full” – make or demand massive cuts to social assistance to refugees in the different countries.

Connected to this inhumane attitude of official politics we are experiencing in various European countries, but especially in Germany, a frightening increase in racist and xenophobic violence, which no longer appears only in slogans or rallies, but has become already a threat to people from other countries. We have to mention numerous malicious arson in houses, which are provided as accommodation for refugees, and violent attacks against refugees and other migrants.

We, the member associations of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters can not accept such racist and xenophobic tendencies. We remind you that in the time of the fascist threat thousands of persecuted could only therefore survive because they found refuge and asylum in other countries. Until today, the international community criticeses those states, such as the then neutral Switzerland, that they – in the knowledge of the threat – did not allow persecuted the entry in the country. However, such criticism is hypocritical when the same countries and institutions operate even today in the same way – closing up against refugees.

We call the European Union,
1. to pursue a foreign policy that does not contribute to that in the North African countries and the Middle East war, misery and other reasons for fleeing increase.
2. those people who come from these very reasons for fleeing to Europe, to take without restrictions.
3. to participate all States of the European Union equally in the housing and welfare of refugees.
4. not to feed right-wing populism, but to pursue an active policy against the increasing racism and xenophobia. Europe can not be built based on the foreclosure, but must be characterized by openness and tolerance.

Europe must be anti-racist and peaceful – or it is not a Europe of the people!