Lebanese Communist PartyThe Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party condemned the adoption of the political power of repression and brutal assault against peaceful protesters in Riad el Solh Square, and the face of popular demands rightful by beating and firing live bullets and using water cannons against the Lebanese people, injuring dozens of demonstrators suffered from suffocation.

The used of the security forces, within political decision, violence and repression against demonstrators, and the right to expression is an additional insolvency added to the record of the political system and to its adoption of waste and corruption policy and quotas, which has become a feature of this political sectarian system, which is no longer have the means to cover its inability to resort to repression except demands the right to provide the necessities of life with dignity.

The Lebanese Communist Party, condemns strongly these barbaric practices, and assumes the political class of the sectarian political system; all of them full responsibility, the LCP confirms the right to demonstrate and the right of peaceful expression. It also calls on the Lebanese people to go to where the dignity battle of the nation and citizens, the battle of public freedoms, to the squares of Beirut, in order to overthrow this corrupt regime and in defense of the right to a decent life and the right of  the children in a free country.

Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party