All Workers Militant FrontThe Greek All Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls the working class to give a massive, militant, decisive response to the Greek Government and the monopolies that are pushing for the imposition of the 3rd Memorandum with measures that will demolish what is left of labour rights. The trade unions must strengthen their presence in the workplaces. Organization of the struggle with faster pace in every workplace and neighborhood. Tomorrow, wenn the Government will bring the Memorandum-Butcher-Agreement to the Parliament, there must be a militant mobilization of thousands of workers in the initiatives of the class trade union movement, declares PAME.

The appeal of the communist orientated trade union movement says:

We Can Cancel the Anti Workers Measures-Memorandums
We Can Abolish the Bosses
Demonstrations of PAME on Thursday, August 13

The coalition Government of the Socialdemocratic SYRIZA and the Far-right ANEL brings to the Parliament, in midsummer and with express procedures, the 3rd Memorandum, which is an Armageddon for the working class and the popular strata.

The Memorandum of Tsipras is a new, heavy package of anti-people measures. It abolishes whatever is left of workers’ labour and social insurance rights. It is a direct blow to workers’ income; it hastens the procedures for privatizations of strategic public infrastructure and mineral resources. It attacks the small farmers. The new Memorandum commits to impose unswervingly all the measures legislated by the previous memoranda, of 2010 and 2012 and add new antiworkers’ measures.

Especially on labour relations and social security it demands the imposition of all the antiworkers’ measures of the 2 previous memorandums and additionally the attack on collective contracts, rise of the retirement age limits, pension cuts, cuts in healthcare services and a series of new measures.

On the other hand the SYRIZA Government guarantees generous funding of many billions of Euros for banks and business groups, proving that the negotiations were made for the interests of the monopolies, who are now celebrating for the agreement.

Nothing can hide now the antipeoples’ role of the SYRIZA Government. It has the support of all the bourgeois parties, the conservatives ND, the socialdemocrats PASOK, who imposed the previous memoranda. Competitiveness and profitability of the business groups, the participation in the European Union, cannot go along with people’s interests. What is needed is rupture and fight against the capitalist barbarity, or else people’s and workers’ sacrifices will be endless.

No time to lose! No tolerance! No disappointment!

In the attack of the Government-EU-Business Groups we respond with organization and struggle in every workplace, every company, every neighborhood. We strengthen PAME, the class trade unions, the people’s committees. The perspective lies in the strong class struggles and a strong Social Alliance, which will demand the people to own the wealth they produce, without the chains of the EU and capitalists who exploit us.

We give a militant response to the new Butcher-Memorandum, with massive participation in the demonstrations of PAME on Thursday, August 13.

We give no consent to the brutal measures. They must be canceled in every workplace

We prepare for new hard struggles

We Can Cancel the anti workers’ laws and the bosses

Source: PAME / RedGlobe