PAME workers help the helpless. Foto: PAMEPAME in solidarity with the migrants who arrive in Greece, uprooted by imperialist wars and poverty, delivered goods to migrants who are station at Areos Park, as a first gesture of support. PAME distributed the following statement in English and Farsi:

Brother, sister, migrant,

We, the workers of Greece, the trade unions of the Greek working class, PAME, we welcome you in our country. We know you come here from a difficult journey, uprooted by poverty and imperialist wars in your country. Now you face the inhospitable policy of the Greek Government, the obstacles and the difficulties they create in your effort to get papers and continue your journey. You face the lack of infrastructure, hospitality areas, translators, food, legal aid and whatever else you and your children need. But you know, as was in your country, Governments and bosses only care about their profits and not for the peoples who suffer.

We, the workers, we are brothers regardless of country, religion, or race. We are brothers and sisters because, together we suffer from imperialist wars and poverty, from unemployment and cost of living. That is why the workers of Greece, our unions, PAME, will do whatever is possible to help you in the difficulties you face.

PAME demands

  • Immediate solution in the problem of your housing and decent living for as long as needed, until your departure to your destinations, by providing interpreters, medical attention, food, legal aid and whatever else is needed.
  • To be assigned the status of asylum or subsidiary protection to all refugees, victims of imperialist wars, interventions, with fast, reliable and fair procedures.
  • No involvement of our country in the imperialist plans of the USA, NATO and the European Union

Source: PAME / RedGlobe