All Workers Militant FrontThe problems created by the staying of migrants in open areas without the minimum hygiene measures, causes justifiable concern among the residents. Next to this misery there are also those who find opportunity to speculate! The last days gave rise to the Municipal Authority to express through the Mayor of the island of Kos the most dangerous and inhumane opinions for “retaking the areas” that “there will be blood” etc. It is not by chance the appearance of the fascist Golden Dawn, which supports such positions through official or anonymous announcements.

The workers of the area, and also the breadwinners cannot identify and align themselves behind these political schemes, which overemphasize the result, but do not do anything for what is the cause of the problem.

You can not blame the migrants who were “uprooted” from the countries and their homes to save their lives and seek their future in another country and not blame the imperialists who are setting up wars and conflicts in the world, sowing poverty and misery, which eventually prevent the migrants from reaching their destination.

For the latest episodes on the island of Kos, as well as for any subsequent decisions and developments, all responsibility bear the European Union and the coalition Government of SYRIZA- ANEL, which supports it, using as tools the Region and Municipalities’ Authorities, as the Municipality of Kos in this case.

The Regional Trade Union Center of Northern Dodecanese condemns the unacceptable xenophobic statements and actions of the municipality of Kos. It demands the government to take now all measures to quickly tackle the issue, the staffing of relevant services and ensure human conditions for the transfer and relocation of migrants and refugees.

Also condemns the profiteering, which exploits human pain and suffering, victimizing the migrants and their families.

Regional Trade Union Center of Northern Dodecanese

Source: PAME / RedGlobe