Communist Party of Britain»Britain has an obligation to help many more of the refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya where US, British and NATO policies have wrought such devastation«, Anita Halpin told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening (September 3).  She denounced the British government’s obsession with keeping refugees out as »callous« and »shameful«.

»Prime Minister Cameron and his cruel Cabinet are trying desperately to wriggle out of their commitments under international law to allow and process claims for asylum, while the UKIP attitude appears to be that refugees should be left to perish while we discuss the long-term future of the Middle East and Africa«, Ms Halpin accused. She also slammed the EU for its ‘total inability’ to devise a coherent, humane response to the refugee crisis, which she said confirmed that the EU is primarily concerned with promoting big business profits. »For the capitalist monopolies and their EU member state governments, the so-called ›free movement of labour‹ is – like the free movement of capital – enforced in order to serve the interests of big business, not those of workers or the people generally«, she explained. »For communists and socialists, on the other hand, the mass movement of labour and capital should be planned, not left to market forces controlled by the monopolies«, Ms Halpin added.

Britain’s communists called for the urgent involvement of the United Nations and its agencies on a much bigger scale to address the refugee crisis, not only in Europe but also in the countries of origin of most of the migrants. »Instead of sidelining the UN and under-funding its organisations to assist refugees, children, health and agricultural development, any civilised British government would support them in what should be a global response to promote peace and protect people from persecution and exploitation«, Ms Halpin declared.

The CP political committee also finalised its preparations for the forthcoming TUC conference, where it will launch a new pamphlet, »Kill the Bill«, against the Tory government’s proposals for a fresh barrage of anti-trade union legislation.

Source: Communist Party / RedGlobe