Communist Party of GreeceAccording to reports in the press, diplomatic sources confirm that the USA has submitted a request to the caretaker government of Greece for it to withdraw the overflight permits of Russian civil aircraft travelling through Athens FIR to SYRIA. The same reports mention that this specific request is »being studied«.

If this specific information is confirmed by official channels, then we are talking about yet another instance of blatant US intervention. The USA, together with the EU, after they had first »lit the fire« of imperialist intervention and war in Syria, causing thousands of innocent victims and an enormous wave of refugees, are now seeking to complete their work.

The parties that supported the doctrine of »We belong to the West«, to NATO and the EU (SYRIZA, ND, PASOK, POTAMI, ANEL), and also those that served as ministers in the previous months (Popular Unity) and are now pretending to be »innocent doves«, bear enormous responsibilities for the involvement and participation of our country in the criminal plans of the USA, NATO and the EU against other peoples.

The KKE demands the immediate and clear rejection of the US request right now.

Athens 8/9/2015
Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)