Greek TV shows first results. Screenshot: ERTAccording to 99% percent of votes counted, SYRIZA’s lead over New Democracy is clear while eight parties will enter the Parliament. Official results released by the Interior Ministry (99% of votes counted): SYRIZA: 35.5% New Democracy: 28.1% Golden Dawn: 7.0% Democratic Group (PASOK-DIMAR): 6.3% Communist Party (KKE): 5.6% POTAMI: 4.1% ANEL: 3.7% Centrists Union: 3.4% Popular Unity: 2.9%.

ND leader Evangelos Meimarakis said that »SYRIZA seems to be the winner and I congratulate it for that. In January some believed that we would be finished and that they had given us that final stroke. We did not dissolve, we remained a pillar of stability«, he stressed. Asked if the issue of New Democracy leader will be raised, Meimarakis said that »we will discuss it at the right time, the formation of a government comes first«.

  Syriza Nea Dimokratia Communist Party of Greece LAE Chrysi Avgi To Potami ANEL PASOK/DIMAR Enosi Kentroon
  Syriza Nea Dimokratia Communist Party
Popular Unity
Neonazis To Potami ANEL PASOK Centrists
Reported: 99,5%  (Greek Ministry of Interior). Total seats: 300
Votes  35,47% 28,09% 5,55% 2,86% 6,99% 4,09% 3,69% 6,28% 3,43%
Seats  145 75 15  –  18  11  10  17 9
Jan. 15 36,34% 27,81% 5,47% 6,28% 6,05% 4,75% 4,68% 1,79%