World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) pulished this statement regarding the mobilization of refugees to Europe:

During the last month we are witnessing the massive mobilization of refugees mainly from Syria to Europe. The pictures of dead people on the Mediterranean coast is a picture of the results of the imperialist actions, those people experienced the bloodshed in Middle East and North Africa the last years.

Even though, the EU is pointing out that is making efforts for a better immigration policy, in reality it avoids systematically to provide support to the countries receiving those people.

For WFDY it is clear that this situation is the result of the imperialist interventions and plans of the powerful states of EU, of U.S.A and their allies, that attacks the peoples, seeking their wealth, and are responsible for the disasters, death and wars in various countries. As well as it is due to the support of imperialism to the fascist and military groups in the region, as ISIS and similar groups.

WFDY express its support and solidarity to the refugees, and on the same time condemns any form of racism against those people, underlining that the problem is in the first place the fact that those people had to immigrate due to war and spread of fascist groups in their country. Highlighting also that the solution to the thousands of people immigrating, is the safeguard of decent and peaceful conditions of living and the termination of imperialist intervention in their countries. Overall to give the peoples the right to determine their present and future political, economic, and social system.

Budapest 04/09/2015

Source: WFDY on Facebook / RedGlobe