Thousands at KNE's Odigitis festival. Screenshot: KNE“Two different worlds” were found, are found and will be found in constant and permanent conflict: On the one side the world of work, which with its hands and mind produces everything and on the other side the world of the exploiters, a handful of parasites that exploits the work, sweat, efforts and torments of the millions. This contradiction is expressed today and runs through history”. This was underlined by D. Koutsoumpas, the GS of the CC of the KKE, in his speech to the 41st Festival of KNE-Odigitis.

D. Koutsoumpas, at the beginning of his speech, referred to the bomb attack in Ankara which led to many deaths. He expressed the solidarity of the KKE with the working class and people of Turkey.

He stressed that the only new and realistic thing today is for the people take power. He then made reference to the deep decay of capitalism, which is also reflected in the bourgeois political system and the parties that defend it and stressed that the justified discontent and indignation of thousands of young people can be utilized in the struggle against the exploitative system, which will acquire dynamism if it joins forces with the KKE and if it si transformed into participation in the movement and class struggle.

As regards the SYRIZA-ANEL government, he said that it is carrying on where it left off before the elections, sending the heavy and unbearable bill for the 3rd Memorandum to the popular families.

He added that the Greece described by the Prime Minister in his programmatic statements is a capitalist Greece which “through the completion of the agreement’s implementation in the 4-year term (which is what the government is promising) will be plunged into a new crisis on the basis of the situation that is prevalent in the Eurozone and in the other powerful economies at an international level.” Or “will have passed into the recovery phase which will once again be to the benefit of the monopolies, supported on the ruins of the rights of the workers, a development which will not give the armies of the unemployed their jobs back, with the salaries they had.” He said that “this new Greece of SYRIZA is the Greece of the Oligarchy.”


The GS of the CC of the KKE from the 41st festival issued a call for a wide popular unity and alliance amongst the workers, underlining that “on this path to overthrow the system, the people today can, regardless of how they voted in the elections, react and prevent the worst and struggle for relief measures and the improvement of their lives.”

He added that through the dynamics of the processes and realignments in the labour-people’s movement, the seeds of this people’s alliance are being formed, by PAME’s forces that rally the class-oriented trade unions, PASEVE (the rally of the self-employed), PASY (the rally of the poor farmers), MAS (the rally of the students), OGE (the women from the popular strata). And he added:

“The KKE participates in the People’s Alliance, which is a social alliance with workers’-people’s power as its political perspective, through its members and cadres who are active in its ranks and organs of struggle.” He stressed that the alliance has an anticapitalist-antimonopoly direction and is formed on the basis of class criteria and not the ideological-political labels ‘which are used by other political forces in form of “Right-Left”, “Left-Right”, “Memorandum-Antimemorandum front”, “Left”, “Populist Right”, “Extreme Right”, “merkelist and anti-merkelist forces” which simply falsely divide the workers, farmers, self-employed, youth.”

In answer to the question that is often put to the communists, “where has the alternative proposal of the KKE been implemented”, he defended socialist construction in the 20th century, underlining that it solved major problems for the working class and people, the ones that capitalism can not solve in the more than four centuries that has been dominant and stressed that “And today, using the experience of constructing socialism, we can say: The proposal of KKE can be implemented, can be realized in Greece today and this can really be the new Greece.”

He also noted that this is the only way to prevent the country’s dangerous participation in the military plans of NATO, the USA and the EU which are against the people’s interests. He sounded the alarm and pointed out the danger of the wider region of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean being transformed into a “powder keg” and of greater Greek involvement in this, due to the sharpening of the competition and the military interventions.

He criticized the Greek government for its proposals to the USA and NATO and for its readiness to accept the USA’s request to station drones in Crete and added that “the participation in these plans serves the interests of Greek capital so that it can acquire a share in the dividing up of the markets, i.e. from the robbery carried out against the people.”

Invoking the well-known lessons of history, D. Koutsoumpas also stressed that “capitalist crises and imperialist wars go together.”

“That is why today the slogan “the people and especially the youth should not shed blood for the interests of capital, of the exploiters.” is extremely important.” The GS of the CC ended his speech by saying that “The people and the youth have one choice:

To put an end to the system that inevitably generates exploitation, crises and wars.

To struggle for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of a new socialist society.”

Source: Communist Party of Greece via Solidnet / RedGlobe