All Workers Militant FrontPAME denounces the Italian Authorities attempts to ban trade union activity and workers struggles in Italy.

The last weeks a series of trade union actions called by USB Italy, WFTU Affiliate, were banned, by the Italian Authorities. Last example was the ban of the demonstration called by USB for Friday October 2 against the plans of Rome’s Municipality to privatize its services. This tactic is followed by the Italian Authorities escalating the attack of the Renzi Government against workers’ struggles.

The same day, October 1st, in Greece the Courts called Illegal the strike of the workers in Press Delivery. Local Authorities, courts and Governments in the service of the capital, all over Europe try to block workers’ struggles. To block militant tendencies. To intimidate the workers.

Against the intimidation of Employers-Courts the strike of the workers in Press Delivery met great success.

Against the banning and the intimidations of the Italian Government-Local Authorities the workers and trade unionists of USB will go on the realization of their demonstration.

The class trade union movement of Greece, PAME will be on their side.

Source: PAME / RedGlobe