Refugees welcomeWe, the trade union organizations who live daily the problems and the hardships the refugees suffer, we take up the initiative to call in massive mobilization and action the trade unions and the workers, for Solidarity and Support to the migrants and refugees.

The refugees and migrants were uprooted by their homelands by the murderous machine of USA-NATO-European Union and the wars it caused in Syria, Ukraine, Middle East and Africa. They organize imperialist intervention, undermine and obstruct the right of the peoples to decide themselves for their present and their future. They push to migration and turn millions of peoples into refugees, aiming to the control of the natural resources and their transport routes.

The refugees in their attempt to escape the bombs that kill them at their homes, they come to face the oppression of the EU that drowns them in the Mediterranean. The Hypocrisy of the EU and the Governments of its Member-States was proven once more at the recent EU Summit, where, in spite their fake tears, they decided:

  • Escalation of oppression against the refugees, which will also lead to escalation of the oppression against the peoples’ movement
  • Entrapment of the majority of the refugees and migrants in Greece, Italy, Spain, etc against their will.
  • Strengthening of FRONTEX

These directives will lead to an increase of the dead migrants at the EU borders. Escalation of the problems of sheltering and the living conditions of the refugees at the receiving countries.

For the few who will manage to survive and reach their final destination, it is being prepared their extreme exploitation as extremely cheap labour. Cheap labour hands who will create new profits for the big capital, while, at the same time will be used as pressure to undermine the labour rights of the workers in general.

Those policies of the EU and the Governments of the Member States will be used as an alibi for the action of Fascist-Nazi Organisations, such as Golden Dawn in Greece, Liga Norte in Italy, Pegida in Germany etc

The Trade Union organizations, the Regional Trade Union Centers of the Islands that receive daily thousands of uprooted people, refugees, we express them once more our steadfast Solidarity. Since day one, we were at the harbors, the refugee camps, wherever there was possibility to intervene and help. However, the continuation and escalation of the anti-refugee policy of the EU, in addition to the continuation of the imperialist interventions, will only lead to escalation of the problem.

In this direction, we take the initiative to coordinate the actions of the trade unions in Greece and abroad, against the imperialist interventions and wars, which on one side they murder peoples and on the other hand they uproot hundreds of thousands from their homes.

We call in massive, militant action of the trade unions in each country against the Governments and the political forces, which support the massacre of peoples. Against Governments, like the SYRIZA Government in Greece that participate in the imperialist competitions, support NATO and the Murderer-State of Israel.

We call on fight against the Anti-Refugee policies of the EU, which give push to Racism and Xenophobia. We call on fight in Support of a Solidarity Movement that would give a helping hand to the Refugees. We call on fight in our common struggle against Imperialism and Exploitation.

The Trade Union Organisations that Sign this Resolution Demand:

  • Stop the Imperialist Interventions of the EU-USA-NATO
  • No participation of our countries in the imperialist interventions and wars
  • Abolition of the Dublin Regulations, the Schengen Agreement, FRONTEX and all other oppressive mechanisms of the EU
  • NO to the oppressive measures of the EU at the frontiers
  • Reinforcement of staff and infrastructure relevant to rescue, registration, identification, sheltering, feeding, health care and safe transport of the refugees
  • Creation of decent facilities for receiving and hosting the refugees and migrants


USB, Italy
Trade Union of Labour Migrant Workers, Russia
Worker’s House, Iran
GFTU, Syria
FECTRANS, Portugal
3F Youth, Denmark
CIG, Galicia
Left Bloc, Austria
Intersindical Valenciana, Valencia
TU Federation, Lugansk
General TU Federation of Education, Egypt
TUI Transport of WFTU

The Regional Trade Union Centers of
Agrinio (GREECE)
Dodecanese (GREECE)
Zakinthos (GREECE)
Thesprotia (GREECE)
Kefalonia-Ithaka (GREECE)
Larissa (GREECE)
Lavrio (GREECE)
Lefkada-Vonitsa (GREECE)
Naoussa (GREECE)
Lesvos (GREECE)
Piraeus (GREECE)
Samos (GREECE)
Fokidas (GREECE)

The Federations of Workers in
Construction (GREECE)
Textile (GREECE)
Press and Printing (GREECE)
Medicine (GREECE)
Accountants (GREECE)
Food and Drinks (GREECE)
Bottled Drinks (GREECE)
Employees in State Regional Services (GREECE)
Pensioners (GREECE)

Source: PAME / RedGlobe