WFTUThe world class oriented trade union movement, WFTU, the 92 million workers in 126 Countries of the world which represents have devoted all their actions in the eradication of poverty, not only this day.

Poverty, unemployment, wretchedness are elements inherent in the capitalist system. Billions of people all around the world live under the official poverty line. The capitalists’ crisis forces to the side more and more parts of the population, increasing the numbers of the poverty stricken, and on the other hand the antilabor governments around the world adopt measures to increase the capitalists’ profitability. The only way to fight against poverty is fighting the exploitation of man by man, is the class-oriented fight against capitalism.

We call all WFTU affiliates and friends to strengthen their fight, to stick their necks against the capitalist class. We are confident that the working class can and must organize in its trade unions, fight and build another society and economy that will plan production based on the modern needs of the workers and not of the capitalists. A society without poverty and unemployment, a society with equality and social rights.

Source: WFTU / RedGlobe