International Federation of ResistanceThe International Federation of Resistance – Union of Antifascists (FIR) deeclares on the terrorist attacks in Paris:

Deeply shocked we had to take note of the terrorist attacks of this weekend in Paris. According to previous information, several hundred people were killed in a series of attacks or seriously injured. At a total of five points in Paris, among others in the Concert Hall at the Bataclan and the Stade de France, there were shootings, murders and bombings. After this wave of terror the French president declared the state of emergency across the country.

The FIR condemned in any form such forms of insane terrorism.

Our thoughts are with all the victims of these crimes and their families.

Our solidarity goes to our member federations and partners in France who are committed for decades to the preservation of the ideals of anti-fascism and democracy, which are attacked directly by such crimes.

Our solidarity is with the French people, which in its vast majority stands against all forms of racial violence itself – from whomever it emanates – and promotes a peaceful coexistence of all people living in the country.

We mourn with them and hope that in French society all democrats and anti-fascists could manage to counter such crimes and at the same time to defend the ideals of freedom, tolerance and humanity.

We see this as a European task too. For this, the FIR and its member federations will make an active contribution.

Dr. Ulrich Schneider, Secretary General of the FIR