News channel Al-MayadeenThe Syrian Information Ministry affirmed that blocking the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV channel by the Saudi authorities represented by the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) is an unjustified step which comes as part of the systematic aggressive policy adopted by Saudi Arabia. The ministry said in a statement issued on Friday that Saudi Arabia is being true to its reputation for suppressing freedom of speech and expression, banning al-Mayadyeen TV channel from broadcasting.

The ministry noted that four years ago, Arabsat prevented the Syrian satellite channels from broadcasting on their satellites in the framework of media disinformation and the terrorist campaign against Syria.

The statement emphasized that the Ministry of Information in Syria with all its cadres of journalists, technicians and administrators declares its full and absolute solidarity with al-Mayadeen channel in combating terrorism and supporting resistance, adding that the ministry expressed its rejection of Arabsat decision which contravenes media norms and agreements.

The statement added that the Syrian Information Ministry calls on Arabsat administration to review its wrong decisions and to not allow Saudi authorities to use it as a tool to plot against the Arab and Islamic nations.

The ministry called on Arab free journalists to show solidarity with al-Mayadeen channel in defense of their profession and freedom of expression.

The ministry concluded its statement by urging al-Mayadeen channel to continue performing its duties despite of all challenges.

Source: SANA / RedGlobe

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