A Russian Sukhoi Su-24. Foto: mashleymorgan / flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday. The TV station »Russia Today« quoted the ministry as saying in a statement that the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace, and it was at an altitude of 6,000 meters. The two pilots managed to eject from the downed jet, the ministry said, adding their fate is still unknown. The Kurdish news angency Firat stated that the jet has been downed by Turkish F-16’s near a refugee camp in Yamadi village in the coastal province of Latakia on the Syrian side, which is located across Yayladağ district of southern Hatay province.

The statement of the Russian Ministry of Defence says: »Today an aircraft from the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic crashed on the territory of Syria supposedly shot down from the ground.

The aircraft was flying at the altitude of 6 000 metres. The status of the Russian pilots is being defined. According to the preliminary data, the pilots managed to eject from the warplane.

The circumstances of the crash are being defined.

During all the flight time, the aircraft was flying only within the borders of the Syrian territory. That was registered by objective monitoring data.«

Sources: SANA, Russian Ministry of Defence, ANF / RedGlobe