PAME general strike demonstration on thursday. Foto: PAME

The Executive Secretariat of PAME salutes the participation of thousands of workers at the National General Strike on thursday. In more than 70 strike demonstrations of PAME, all over Greece, dozens of thousands of workers, students, farmers, self-employed, women and unemployed participated to give response to the anti-people’s policy of the Government of SYRIZA. During the demonstrations the messages of solidarity from trade union organisations from all over the world were read and the demonstrators cheered as it was announced that protests of Solidarity were held the same time in Turkey and South Africa. The demonstration in Athens went on, highlighting the banners and pickets of WFTU.

The strike demonstrations of PAME put aside intimidations and threats of the employers. They overcome the climate of fatalism and compromise of a life with crumbs that is cultivated by the government and the political parties of the plutocracy.

In these conditions of an all-out attack, it is critical to overcome the forces of employers’ and governmental trade unionism, which not only did not move a finger for the organization and success of the strike but instead they support the impositions of anti-popular measures. They are tools deception of the people, of consensus and class collaboration.

Source: PAME / RedGlobe