World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) strongly condemns the terrorist bombing attack that occurred in Istanbul yesterday. So far, no terrorist organization has taken the responsibility, although the effect of death and terror imparted to ordinary citizens, shifts the importance of this aggression to another level. It is now a worldwide phenomenon, that within imperialism the obscurantist violence and the terrorist attacks are materials that enhances the brutal and aggressive policy of the imperialists and the governments that serves them.

This is not the first time within the last months, where ordinary citizens in Turkey find themselves to be victims of terrorist attacks. Such attacks so far are considered as a product of the chaos where Turkey is drawn into, a chaos which it was created by the imperialists where they are not reluctant to use efficient violence against Kurds and Turkish citizens, at the same time that they threaten the peace and every progressive voice in the country. It will be a misleading not making any reference to the “Islamic State”, which in the past it has been in charge of such attacks inside Turkey, and now its role and action is threatening even the ones that in order to serve themselves and their imperialist interests they have supported and created it.

Finally, WFDY expresses its sympathy and its solidarity towards the families of the victims. It also declares that the solution and the fight against terrorism will not be found through violence and repression, but through the international solidarity and friendship between the peoples, and calls the youth of the world to join their voice with WFDY in the struggle against imperialism for lasting peace.

On behalf of WFDY,
The HQ of WFDY, 13/1/2016

Source: WFDY on Facebook / RedGlobe