President Dilma Rousseff made on Tuesday, march 22nd, another tough speech against the democratic break underway in the country. »I denounce here the strategy of the worse, the better, which part of the opposition has taken since the beginning of my second term. This strategy has been a systematic action against the Republic and antidemocratic, which manifests itself in bomb agendas and seeking false and inconsistent arguments to remove the mandate given to me by the Brazilian people«, she said.

In a speech made during the meeting with Jurists by Legality and Defense of Democracy, Dilma quoted Leonel Brizola and the campaign for legality. »I never would have thought that we needed mobilize the society around a new campaign for legality, as we are doing today«, she said.

»Make it clear: I have a surplus of energy, mood and respect for democracy to the necessary confront to conspiracy against the democratic stability«, said the president. According to her, »do not fit mincing words« to classify what is happening in the country. »What is going on is a blow against democracy. I never resign! We can describe a coup with many names, but it will always be what it is: the rupture of legality, attack on democracy«, emphasized Dilma in the event. »Whether the blow gun is a gun, a revenge or the political will of some to get faster to power. This kind of synonymous, this type of inappropriate use of words is the same as that used against us during the dictatorship to say that there was no political prisoner in Brazil when we lived in chains across the country«, added the president.

Dilma Rousseff said, »We all know that our Constitution provides the impeachment as a tool« to remove the president. »We are in a presidential regime. An impeachment just can happens by a clearly established responsibility for crime, with unquestionable evidence. In the absence of such evidence, the removal of the president becomes it a crime against democracy itself.«

In front of several lawyers who put themselves on the side of democracy, Dilma said: »This act demonstrates the great commitment in defending the democratic rule of law, which is widespread in all states of this country. Citizens are fully aware of the risks of democratic breakdown.«

»I am talking to you with a clear conscience that I did not commit any act that may characterize any act of responsibility. I speak up with the certainty of having sought to ensure that social inclusion achieved in recent years is maintained, expanded and guaranteed«, she said.

Source: Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) via Solidnet / RedGlobe