World Federation of Democratic YouthOn the occasion of the International Women’s Day the World Federation of Democratic Youth express its total respect for the sacrifices of the heroic women, of the women of the textile industries of New York that stood up and fought for their rights in the year of 1857. The women by the time were working under very hard and inhuman conditions for more than 16 hours per day and with very low salaries. Their decision to proceed to a strike was meant their steadfastness and also their aim to create a future that will guarantee their rights and their dignity, further one of the main demands was the equality with the men working in the same industry. This steadfastness was proved even with the death of some women in the strikes. Later the history proved that in every struggle in the world the women were an integral part in it.

Today after 159 years we see that the rights of the workers and the young people are being destroyed, their places of work are closed, their salaries decreased, we see poverty, hunger, malnutrition, lack of access to potable water and electricity that affects millions of human beings in several parts of the world. All the above were intensified with the outburst of the capitalist crisis. Moreover, 159 years after, women in the world are still facing inequality in a lot of occasions and on the same time they are also facing the capitalist crisis and its negative consequences, therefore there is a double burden against the women.

Finally, the World Federation of Democratic Youth with the opportunity of the International Women’s Day is highlighting the necessity of the struggle of the women that needs to go hand by hand with the struggle of the youth and the workers. The day of the 8th of March is historical and must remind not only to the women but to all of the people that the acquired rights must be protected and defended. We call the women of the world to become one of the most militant part in the struggles of the peoples, since in every part of the world the participation of the women is necessary in the struggles against the war, the occupation, the human exploitation, in the struggle for the right of the students, for the rights of the workers.

On Behalf of WFDY
The HQ of WFDY
Budapest March 8, 2016