World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the new murdering attack that took place in the city centre of Istanbul. Τhe attack caused the death of 5 people and dozens are injured. This is the second attack within few days that took place in Turkey, while the last one took place 6 days ago in the city of Ankara and caused the death of 37 people.

The imperialist action of Turkey which is ruled by the government of AKP is actually driving the country in a chaotic situation creating to the people a daily fear. The World Federation of Democratic Youth has clarified a lot of times that the root of the problem is found in the imperialist plans and actions. The action of Turkey in the Middle East has to do with the forwarding of the imperialist plans and benefits, on the same time that it enjoys the support of NATO and the EU.

Turkey once again in the name of the “war against terrorism” will not lose the chance to use the attack in order to reinforce its aggressiveness in the region. But, as we said in a previous statement the defeat of terrorism will come though the friendship and solidarity of the peoples, and the peace will come with the defeat of imperialism.

Finally WFDY would like to express its solidarity to the people of Turkey, and its honest sympathy and support to the families of the victims of the attacks in Istanbul and Ankara.

On Behalf of WFDY, the HQ of WFDY
Budapest, March 19th 2016