comunistaWe, the communist and workers parties that sign this joint statement on the eve of Workers’ May Day 2016 want to stress our solidarity to all workers who are struggling against capitalist barbarity through strikes, demonstrations and other forms of resistance. It is obvious that under the conditions of deepening capitalist crisis the political and organizational strength of international proletariat will be one of the key factors in reshaping the world in the near future. With full belief in the success of the struggle of the working class, as communist and workers parties, we salute Workers’ May Day.

We oppose the bourgeois and opportunist theories, the reality is that the working class has not only not disappeared, but is developing, growing, not only quantitatively but qualitatively, as the basic productive force, regardless of the changes which have taken place concerning its structure and composition due to the changes in the productive process caused by technological progress. There are variations and fluctuations in every country in relation to the concentration of the working class, its distribution, in the various sectors, there are different rates concerning the destruction of the intermediate strata, the destruction of small-scale agricultural production, fluctuations in the waves of immigration and other individual factors, which impact on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the working class. Such factors need to be studied by the communist and workers’ parties, so that they can strengthen their strategy and tactics, contribute to the strengthening of the class unity of the working class, to the social alliance with the popular strata. The changes which are taking place substantiate without any doubt the conclusion that the working class is the motor force of social development and that its historic mission is the abolition of private ownership of the means of production, classes and the exploitation of man by man. There is no other social force which can fulfil this role.

The reality today of the deep capitalist economic crisis, which has manifested itself in a synchronised way in many capitalist countries demonstrates once again that capitalism finds itself in the highest, final and parasitic imperialist stage of its development, tortures millions of workers all across the world, gives birth to poverty and unemployment, suffers from incurable contradictions which are manifested in the cyclical crises as well as the in the wars for the expansion of the business activity of the monopolies, the division of the markets, the control of the sources of wealth.

The crisis of capitalism demonstrates the historical limits of this socio-economic system while the working class, which does not have the means of production at its disposal, is the “grave-digger” of the capitalist mode of production. This historic revolutionary role of the working class has its precondition that it will be organised as a class for itself.

The working class cannot have success with line of “social consensus”, and social “peace”, as is claimed by reformist and opportunist forces. The many years of negative experience demonstrate that this line led to the assimilation of large sections of the trade union movement, with social democracy and opportunist forces having the main responsibility for this. Today it is a necessity for capitalism to overturn even the most basic gains which were won in previous decades as a result of the class struggle at a national and international level.

The struggle of the working class for the prevention of the anti-people measures, for economic and social demands and gains in conditions of capitalism is effectively connected to the struggle for the socialist-communist society.

The elaboration of economic, social and political demands, based on the contemporary needs of the people and working class, with the goal of rallying, concentrating and preparing working class forces for tough confrontations with the exploitative system, is not limited to the acquisition of some gains, but is linked to the goal for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity. The working class produces the wealth and must claim it in the struggle for its own power.

Long Live Workers’ May Day!
Long Live internationalist solidarity, proletarian internationalism!
“Workers of all countries, Unite!”

Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Workers Party
Socialist Party of Latvia
Communist Party of Mexico
Communist and Workers Party of Russia
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist Party, Turkey
Union of Communists of Ukraine
Communist Party of Venezuela

Source: Solidnet / RedGlobe