Earthquake in Ecuador. Image: ANDESA magnitude 7,8 earthquake occurred Saturday at 18:58 in many Ecuadorian cities, its epicenter was in Pedernales (Manabi), in the Ecuadorian coast, at a depth of 20km with no alert of tsunami, Alexandra Alvarado, from the Geophysical Institute said. The US Geophysical Institute, on the other hand, reported that the earthquake was 7,4 and lasted more than a minute followed by a number of aftershocks mainly in the Ecuadorian coast: Muisne, Rosa Zarate, Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas confirmed the death of at least 77 persons, but called on citizens to remain calm and confirmed preventive evacuations in coastal provinces: Santa Elena, Manabí and Esmeraldas were underway. »COE (Emergency’s Committee) has been activated, we are issuing a report on damages and provincial committees are activated to protect people’s lives«, Glas said during an interview.

»As a preventive measure we have requested to evacuate the provinces of Santa Elena, Manabi and Libertad in case of any event followed by the earthquake«, Glas confirmed. He also urged on people to remain calm and get information from official institutions like the Geophysical Institute, the Secretariat of Risk Management and the Minister Coordinator of Security.

Source: ANDES / RedGlobe