World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions addresses the international public opinion and the workers of the world and denounces the presence of NATO forces in the Aegean Sea, allegedly responding to the waves of refugees traveling towards Europe.

The imperialist intervention of the USA, the NATO and the EU, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf Monarchies against the people of Syria and other peoples of the region has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people and has forced millions to become refugees and live in poverty. This imperialist intervention has now become even deeper and this activity is the reason for the millions of refugees and displaced people.

The gathering of NATO forces in the Aegean sea is not about the refugees, but it has to do with the competition within the imperialist system and the developments in Syria, preparing new intervention in more countries of the region, if the imperialists judge so. The peoples of Greece, Turkey and other Southeastern Mediterranean countries have a bitter experience from their participation in the NATO and its presence in the area: dictatorships, wars and terrorism against the peoples.

We condemn the acts of the governments of Turkey and Greece, whose stance strengthens the NATO presence in the Southeastern Mediterranean.

On behalf of the its 92 million members around the world, the WFTU condemns the imperialist intervention of NATO in this region and calls upon the class oriented trade union movement, the peoples movement, first and foremost in the countries of Southeastern Mediterranean, but also in all countries of the world, to be alert and fight against the new imperialist interventions that are planned, demand the dissolution of NATO and the withdrawal of all US military forces and bases from the region.

Source: WFTU / RedGlobe