This week UNI affiliates ver.di and Solidarnosc organised cross border strikes in Poland and Germany at Amazon warehouses across both countries. After ver.di called for strikes in the Amazon warehouses in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg and Werne, the walkouts began last night with workers leaving their nightshifts. The strike will end on May 3.

A group of around 60 workers has traveled from Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig to Wroclaw, joining an action by Polish Amazon employees. Joining members of Solidarnosc, German Amazon workers showed their solidarity with Polish workers striking for better wages and working conditions. In Poland, the vast majority of Amazon workers earn only 3.50 Euros an hour.

“This cross border organisation of strikes at Amazon shows that workers are internationally united in seeking better working conditions, fair remuneration and respect at the company,” said Alke Boessiger, Head of UNI Commerce.

“Due to Amazon’s strategy to shift their operations from Germany to Poland, solidarity between German and Polish workers is even more important. UNI will continue to work to improve international solidarity and collaboration between unions and fully supports the ver.di and Solidarnosc strikes at Amazon.”

Ver.di board member Stefanie Nutzenberger said, “The international nature of this strike gives it an even bigger impact – Amazon must listen to their workers’ concerns. We hope that this strike will force management to meaningfully engage in negotiations to conclude a collective agreement.”

Source: UNI Global Union / RedGlobe