Symonenko speaking at Gamma TV. Screenshot: YoutubeThe Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) released a statement denouncing the recent attack on the Ukrainian opposition media. KPU stated that the Ukrainian government has started a procedure to ban the TV channel »Gamma« after the broadcast of the speech of KPU leader Petro Symonenko on the Victory Day.

KPU noted that in his speech, Symonenko demanded the implementation of the Minsk agreement unconditionally and condemned the changing the names of the streets and cities after the names of Hitler collaborators without the consent of the local people. KPU also called for international solidarity against the violation of the freedom of expression in Ukraine.

Just few days ago state started the procedure to ban this TV channel – the only one really  oppositional TV channel in Ukraine. The Act of violations was concluded by the officials of the national agency responsible for the TV licensing and oversight – National Council of Television and Radio (attached). This is the first stage to ban the license of “Gamma” and deprive the millions of Ukrainians of the true information.

Source: international communist press, KPU via Solidnet / Red Globe