Communist PartyWe reject getting used to massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders.
We reject putting up with a government that always tries to present massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders as ordinary events.
We reject keeping silent against a government that interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, that instigates terrorists to attack those lands, and that backs those same terrorists in the name of “sacred values” in its own country.

We reject recognizing the law of those who pass new bills in the parliament while tens die due to the indifference, hypocrisy, sinister plans, and ineptitude of the government.
We reject putting up with the bourgeoisie and moneybags who think the sun rises and sets on their profits in this bloodbath.
We reject tolerating those enemies of humankind under the guise of “advisors” who mock the grief of people and threaten them.
We reject leaving the Turkish Airlines administration, that employ pro-ISIS people in the most critical positions, in peace.
We reject accepting a Prime Minister who claims that “there was no security flaw” and those officers who dropped the surviving and helpless passengers in Taksim square in the middle of the night.

We will not tolerate those cab drivers, who only care about money, who overcharged people in need of help, while tarnishing their colleagues’ reputation who rushed the injured to the hospital free of charge.

No people is by nature predisposed to take massacres for granted, to kneel before tyranny, and to keep silent against fundamentalism and injustice. Any people who do so lose their humanity.

The solution will not come from heavens! This country will not see bright days without the struggle for it!

Do not simply complain, get organized!

While our people are being massacred, the bosses are grumbling about “country’s reputation” and “loss of revenues in tourism.” Stand up to fight those bosses and the reactionary government that they have installed in our country like a curse. Do not leave that task to others.

Rise up!

Communist Party, Turkey (KP)

Source: KP via Solidnet / RedGlobe