In a meeting held on Saturday evening 25 June 2016, the Political Bureau of the Progressive Tribune Society deliberated the recent developments in Bahrain on political, juristic, and social levels. It observed that since the halt of the national dialogue, and the failure to resume it, our country began rapidly to entre a phase of political and social congestion, through which the performance of the political societies, the parliament, and the civil society institutions subsided below the expected standard in the political and social life; and in dealing with living issues which are increasingly sharpened due to the economic crisis, and the austerity measures taken recently.

Recent acts involving dropping the nationalities of increasing number of citizens, and preventing other citizens from travelling; and the different aspects of limiting political and civil activities, all these measures lead to the increase of developments pattern towards a dangerously increasing political and social deadlock, forewarning of the failure of the national parties – government and opposition to find a way back from this deadlock which is heading towards a real crisis at all levels – political, economic, juristic, and national unity. Under the regional situations – securely dangerous, and poisonous sectarian; and with the aggravation of this crisis, and the inability of the society forces to solve it internally; it becomes ready to come out of its basic national domain; where a new situation develops that lures different foreign powers to intervene in our country’s internal affairs; and steering the situations according to interactions and the laws of a useless and destructive dispute in the region.

In these critical circumstances of our country’s history, the Progressive Tribune Society repeatedly emphasizes its rejection to all foreign interventions and threats to Bahrain that leads to more sectarian congestions and tensions; and to more escalation, totally unacceptable. They calls that harm our people requests for reforms democratic changes; and they hinder any efforts towards ending the aggravated political crisis, as well as calling the Authorities, as they are the most responsible and capable, to initiatives that live up to the level of the imminent crisis challenges, by preparing the adequate circumstances to resume the national dialogue; beginning with the reversing of nationality dropping of citizens, the recent measures restricting freedoms; and to spread the atmosphere of security and the feeling of citizenship among all citizens. We also call all the different society forces to rise above narrow interests and sectarian zeal; and to approach the crisis we live through a common national perspective that preserves our causes within their national domain.

The Progressive Tribune expresses its readiness to subject all its capacities and cadres to cooperate with everyone in order to render the dialogue language into national programmes opposed to the public and comprehensive crisis sitting on our country; and threatening our future and the future of next generations of Bahrainis.

Progressive Tribune Society
Manama Bahrain – 26 June, 2016

Source: Progressive Tribune Society via Solidnet / RedGlobe