FARC-EPWith regard to the statement released by the media, in which some former members of First Front express their decision to divert from the Peace Process that is underway in Havana, the High Command of Jorge Briceño Block of the FARC-EP reports to the public opinion:

The FARC-EP is a political-military organization of revolutionary character, in which each squad or basic unit is also a political cell. The latter is the instance of democratic debates within our organization, complemented by the General Assemblies of Guerrillas, balance meetings and finally the National Conference.

The free expression of ideas and concerns is a right of all FARC guerrilla combatants, provided through the statutory mechanisms described. Decisions are taken by majority and are binding for all. The democratic way to solve internal differences thus prevents the formation of dissidence of any order.

The sector of comandantes and fighters of the First Front, who decided to disavow its principles, appeals to ideological and political arguments to conceal the obvious influence of economic interests opposed to the termination of the conflict. The knowledge of the agreed at the Peace Process held in Havana was denied and misrepresented to the guerrilla base by the involved comandantes.

The Central High Command and its Secretariat are the highest levels of leadership and command in the FARC-EP. Its determinations, orders and guidelines are binding for all its members. Those who distance themselves from the leadership’s guidelines separate themselves from the FARC-EP and thus must not use its name, weapons and goods for any purpose.

If the comandantes and fighters involved have the desire to embark on an uncertain adventure, they should do so taking on a different name than the real structures of the FARC-EP. Thereby they would cease to create confusion in the public opinion and provide new and slanderous reasons to extremist sectors interested in the continuation of the war.

Acting this way, these former comandantes and fighters of the FARC-EP not only are showing a reckless behavior contrary to the determinations of the National Leadership of the FARC, but they also directly collide with the desire for peace that nests in the hearts of the Colombian people. Peace is and will remain a banner of true revolutionaries.

The current comandante of the First Front of the FARC-EP, Armando Rios, is comandante Gentil Duarte, who until recently was part of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP. He and his High Command are in the area of ​​Guaviare, in fulfillment of the tasks set by the National Leadership of the FARC-EP, according to the agreed in the Havana Peace Process.

Colombian jungle, July 8, 2016.

High Command of Jorge Briceño Block of the FARC-EP

Source: FARC-EP International / RedGlobe