Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, Czech RepublicCommunist Party of Bohemia & Moravia takes a view that a development of citizens’ direct participation on the decision making is a necessary part of functioning democratic legal state. There are the issues to be decided not only by the political representation. If we want a change of alienated EU, if we want a peaceful alternative of our security to be ensured, we must begin from below, from the citizen.

In its governmental statement (from the time on the eve of 2013 Parliamentary election) our government had pledged itself to introduce the draft of Constitutional Law on public referendum, the referendum based on a popular initiative included, to make possible for people to take decisions directly about fundamental issues of state’s functioning. The people’s right to exercise the state power directly has been a part of Czech Constitution since 1993. However, its accomplishing through the Constitutional Law has been blocked for years, although our party attempted to promote it seven times in the past.

The Law on public referendum to be passed, it was one of the slogans of the Soc-Dem as well as of some other parties or movements before last Parliamentary election in 2013. Now it looks like our current government (the Soc-Dem, People’s Party and ANO coalition) doesn’t feel like fulfilling its pre-election promises. The government’s representatives reject any referenda on the topics like immigration quotas or remaining in the NATO or EU.

Thus, the Law on public referendum to be passed still during current electoral period, it is the first and fully imperative step. The Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia demands it as a basic change of the approach towards citizens. Under the Constitution, the people are the power’s ultimate sovereign. If any government doesn’t want to meet its promises even in this case, the voters can decide about this government in next election. It is impossible to let the direct democracy to be stolen from the citizens.

Executive Committee of CPBM’s CC, July 18, 2016

Source: Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia (KSCM) via Solidnet / RedGlobe