The Turkish government agency, The Telecommunication Department of the Information Technologies and Communication Institution imposed a censure on all news on the beheading of Turkish soldiers on the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge. had published the news and the pictures of a solder with the ruling AKP sympathizer Jihadists killing the private while screaming, “Allah is great!”

The incident occurred after an unsuccessful coup attempt by some sections of the Turkish army on July 16, 2016.  The soldiers, not even knowing what they were doing and who were told they were participating in a drill, were ordered by their officers to stand guard at the foot of the bridge with their tanks.  The officers were actually taking part in the failed coup attempt.

When this strange and staged coup started to fall apart, soldiers many of whom did not even have ammunition in their guns held up their hands and surrendered.

Then the paramilitary jihadists, the AKP’s supporters, many of whom had been sent and trained in the Syrian war on the side of the Jihadist terrorists surrounded the soldiers and with the police looking and many times even participating in the assaults started beating the soldiers mercilessly.  These mobs had heeded the call made by the Turkish dictator Erdogan to come out to the streets to “defend democracy.”  The public lynching of the surrendered soldiers took place on the bridge.  After beating most of the soldiers to a pulp, the mob beheaded at least one soldier, and as a video shows dangled or threw others over the railing to the Bosphorus Strait.

The publication of the news, first reported by the independent news organization T24, of a soldier being beheaded did not go well with the government who had mobilized the criminal Jihadist, terrorist mobs.

Yesterday notices were delivered to news sites in Turkey that they should immediately cease publishing all news about AKP supporters and the Turkish police collaborating in lynching and beheadings soldiers and throwing them over the rails.

The surrendered soldiers had been beaten and put on buses to be taken away.  However, the mob very easily reached the bus and while the police around them watched they pulled the soldiers out to kick and beat with metal rods.  While (at least) one soldier was beheaded, the AKP sympathizer jihadist Muslim mob were screaming and demanding that the soldiers be thrown into the sea.

The government supporter Yeni Akit newspaper carried the event to its headlines the next day, reporting, “Lynching attempt against the treasonous putschists”

Source: Sendika.Org / Mehmet Bayram