Photo: World Peace CouncilThe World Federation of Democratic Youth participated in the Conference organized by the Peace Committee of Poland and by the World Peace Council against NATO and its Summit, held in Warsaw on the 8th July. This action was called under the campaign of the WPC “YES TO PEACE! NO TO NATO!”

WFDY was represented in this Conference by JCP (Portuguese Communist Youth), member of the General Council and Regional Coordinator of the Comission of Europe and North America (CENA) of WFDY.

In the speech of WFDY, we denounced the role of NATO as a militarist and imperialist alliance, enemy of Peace and of the youth, that aims in this Summit to continue the raise of its aggressiveness and imposition of the dominance of imperialism all over the world.

WFDY also participated in the demonstration that was held in the streets of Warsaw, joining its voice to those that, in Poland, under great repression and anti-democratic attacks, struggle for Peace and against NATO.


Youth unite! Forward for lasting Peace!

Source: WFDY of Facebook / RedGlobe