wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youths sympathizes with the signature of the final peace agreement between Colombia and the FARC-EP. This signature closes the Colombian people subservience in to the longer Latin America’s war with 52 years of the conflict.

We urge the implied ones in this process to fulfill and respect the agreement that is signed today, in order to guarantee the real peace in Colombia.

We support the democratic right of the people of Colombia which will be applied through a referendum on October 2, and at the same time its result must reinforce the agreement and it will consist a step for the definitive peace.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has followed all the necessary and desired Process of Peace in Colombia. With this agreement that today is signed we ratify our unrestricted support of all WFDY members’ organizations to the dialogue and peace as solution of the humanity conflicts. Only peace will guarantee a fair world and better for everyone.

World Federation of Democratic Youth
September 25, 2016