Demonstration against the ban of KPD in Karlsruhe. Photo: FacebookOn Saturday, 10th of September, 250 members and friends of the German Communist Party (DKP) demonstrated in Karlsruhe, seat of the Federal Constitutional Court, and demanded to lift the ban on the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). 60 years ago, the Constitutional Court had banned KPD because it organized resistance against the remilitarisation of the Federal Republic planned by chancellor Konrad Adenauer. At the demonstration, MP Karin Binder („Die Linke“) demanded to lift the ban on KPD. A representative of the persecuted Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) participated in the demonstration.

At the demonstration and the following meeting, a jurist, representatives of DKP and former functionaries of KPD made clear that the ban contradicted the federal German Basic Law. The chairman of DKP, Patrik Köbele, said at the demonstration: „We are living in a lawless state.“ The term „lawless state“ (Unrechtsstaat) is used by the bourgeois propaganda to slander the socialist German Democratic Republic. Köbele said, the court did not ban KPD for actual offences, but for its resistance against remilitarization. The deputy chairman of DKP, Hans-Peter Brenner, gave evidence that the court did not only ban the organization of the communists, but also the world view of communists – Marxism-Leninism.

At the meeting, three former KPD-members who are members of DKP today, told about their party’s struggle against the ban, about their imprisonment, illegal work and the road to form a new legal communist party – DKP. One of them was Heidi Hummler, former functionary of KPD and the Free German Youth (FDJ), which was banned in the Federal Republic already in 1951. She said:

„For communists, a ban does never mean the end of the world.“ She reported how the members of KPD despite persecution worked in trade unions and peace movement. Moreover the former chairman of DKP, Herbert Mies, and the communist scholar Willi Gerns, who both had high functions in FDJ and KPD, talked about their experiences.

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Wladimir Aleksij reported how the Kiew regime persecutes communists, fakes the history of Soviet Union and gives free rein to fascist thugs. Aleksij compared the trial about the ban of his party with the ban of KPD. Patrik Köbele stressed the solidarity of DKP with the Ukrainian communists. He stated that also today, communists are forced to struggle against persecution and surveillance by the bourgeois state. The communist parties of Finland (SKP) and Greece (KKE) sent greetings to the meeting and expressed their solidarity with the struggle against the ban of KPD.

Source: DKP on Solidnet / RedGlobe