Sri LankaYesterday (31st August 2016), more than 10,000 students representing all State Universities in Sri Lanka marched forcing government to abolish the illegal private medical college, SAITM.The march started from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and students marched more than 12 kilometers. It has been organized by the Inter University Students Federation especially considering the fact that the boycotts which have been continued in front of every state universities by the students have now continued passing 200 days.

The march was heading towards the Prime Minister’s Official Residence. While this march was reaching there, police stopped the students using barricades and with the intention of dispersing the students, police ruthlessly attacked students using water cannons and tear gas targeting the students causing injuries to students. But the police could not discourage students by their attack. The students continued to occupy the area and demonstrated by reciting slogans and delivering speeches. Several students had to be hospitalized due to the injuries sustained by the attack.

Instead of abolishing the illegal private medical college government continuously suppress the students who rise against it. In last few months several student marches were brutally suppressed by the government. Government has disregarded the demands of the students and it clearly makes efforts to safeguard the SAITM, which is a severe threat to the free education and quality healthcare services in Sri Lanka. Therefore, no matter how strong the suppression on the part of the government, the student movement has determined to struggle till the SAITM is abolished.

Sri Lankan Student Movement is a strong and a well – experienced movement and it cannot be shaken by the ruthless attacks of the government and it is a movement which becomes stronger day by day. We as the Socialist Students Union, Sri Lanka condemns this brutal attack on students and we invite all progressive students and youth organizations to stand against privatization of education and against the brutal attacks of governments against progressive students.

Long live Student Power around the world.

Socialist Students Union – SSU Sri Lanka

Source: WFDY on Facebook / RedGlobe