SyriaThe General Command of Syrian Army said on saturday that US alliance aircrafts targeted at 5 PM on Saturday a Syrian Arab Army position in al-Tharda Mountain in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport, causing losses in lives and equipment and clearly paved the way for ISIS terrorists to attack the position and take control of it. In a statement, the General Command said that this act is a serious and blatant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its army, and constitutes conclusive evidence that the United States and its allies support ISIS and other terrorist organizations, stressing that this act reveals the falseness of their claims of fighting terrorism.

Later, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the US alliance aircrafts that attacked the Syrian Arab Army position in al-Tharda Mountain are in fact American aircrafts. The Ministry said in a statement that 4 American jet fighters (2 F-16 jets and 2 A-10 jets) entered the Syrian airspace across the Iraqi borders, and attacked a Syrian Arab Army position in al-Tharda Mountain in Deir Ezzor’s southeastern countryside, claiming a number of lives and injuring others.

The same day, Israeli troops attacked a Syrian position in the surroundings of Khan Arnaba town in Quneitra countryside within the framework of its direct support to the »Islamic State« terrorist organizations that commit massacres and crimes against locals in Quneitra countryside.

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two letters to the UN Secretary-General and the head of the Security Council in which it said that the US aggression on positions for the Syrian Arab Army in al-Tharda Mountain in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport is a serious and blatant attack on the Syrian Arab Republic and its army. »The facts speak for themselves. This attack is deliberate and the US has plotted it in order to implement its strategy in continuing the terrorists’ war against the Syrian army. The attack launched by the ISIS terrorists on the same site and taking control over it proves the correctness of what has been previously stated and highlights the coordination between this terrorist organization and the US«, added the ministry.

In its letters, the ministry noted that this flagrant aggression resulted in dozens of victims among the Syrian army forces which are defending tens of thousands of civilians who still suffer under the siege imposed by the ISIS on Deir Ezzor city. The Ministry said that »this cowardly US aggression is incontrovertible evidence that the United States and its allies support ISIS and other armed terrorist groups. Moreover, it exposes the US false allegations of fighting terrorism and restoring security and peace to the Syrian territory«.

Syria demands that the UN Security Council condemn this aggression and force the United States to never repeat it and to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integration as well as to abide by the International Law, the UN Charter and the UN Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism. The Ministry went on to say that Syria affirms that fighting terrorism is only acceptable within the framework of coordinating with the Syrian government and army, and any action outside international legitimacy can only be considered a blatant violation of Syria’s sovereignty. »The Syrian government stresses its determination to go ahead with its war on terrorism and its sincere endeavors to reach out a political solution to the crisis through the intra-Syrian dialogue that preserves the rights of the Syrian people and maintain Syria’s key role in regional and international arenas away from any foreign intervention«, it concluded.

Source: SANA / RedGlobe