Icelandic Pirate PartyRepresentatives of the Icelandic Pirate Party have in the past few weeks met twice with the leaders of the Social Democratic Alliance, the Left-Green Movement and Bright Future in order to discuss potential grounds for co-operation after the election. The result of these talks has been promising and the Icelandic Pirates are optimistic about future developments.

We set out with the radical aim of changing the nature of Icelandic politics, in such a way that it would be transparent on which issues Pirates were willing to compromise and on which they were not. In the interest of the transparency promised to voters, this report outlines the result of the aforementioned talks.

Icelandic Pirates are willing to compromise when it comes to the length of the coming term. The wide-ranging changes to the system that are called for may take such a long time that a shorter term would not be realistic.

There was clear solidarity between the parties on many important issues. All agree that a new constitution should be adopted in the coming term. All prioritise restoring the health care system. All think the nation should receive a fairer share for utilisation of natural resources. All want increased transparency, clearer work procedures and improvements to the country’s public administration. In addition, all parties agree on the importance of responsible economic management, and want to bring about real economic, political and social stability.

In order to facilitate co-operation with these three parties, the Icelandic Pirates are willing to place increased emphasis on education, environmental issues, equal rights issues, and the affairs of pensioners and people with disabilities. All these issues are already addressed in the Icelandic Pirate Party manifesto and with this they will receive added weight.

Icelandic Pirates want voters to face a clear choice in the coming elections. This was accomplished today through a statement of intent issued by these four parties. We Pirates find that our main policies strongly resonate with those of the Left-Green Movement, the Social Democratic Alliance and Bright Future. Due to the limited amount of time available and the pressures on all parties in the run-up to the election, it was not possible to go deeper into particular issues. The parties’ common statement of intent, and the content of the discussions hitherto, constitute a clear commitment to elevating discussions to the next level, should we receive a sufficiently strong mandate from the public in the coming elections.

The Icelandic people go to the polls in 48 hours. Voters now face a clear choice: either the parties of reform, and their vision for the future, or the forces of corruption.

On behalf of the Pirates,
Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Einar Brynjólfsson, Smári McCarthy

Source: Icelandic Pirate Party / RedGlobe