Communists who left the URCF (Union des révolutionnaires-communistes de France, Union of Revolutionary Communists of France) after the foundation of the PRC (Parti Révolutionnaire-Communistes, Revolutionary Party-Communistes) by the unification of the URCF and the Communistes in 2015, founded the PCRF (Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France, Revolutionary Communist Party of France). ICP correspondent spoke with Maurice Cukierman, the secretary-general on the newly founded PCRF.

In the foundation text of the party it is stated that the PCFR ‘develops its politics on the basis of materialist and dialectical conception of the World, on the teachings of scientific communism and experience of the Revolutionary International Labor Movement, which all together constitute Marxism-Leninism’.

The GS Cukierman, in the interview, stated that their separation from the PRC had political, ideological and organizational reasons. On the political sphere, Cukierman remarked that, their and PRC’s approaches to the relations with the international communist movement were not identicaland added that PCRF holds different views on means of political and ideological struggle.

Cukierman said, PCRF would hold its first congress in a time span of one and a half year. The GS mentioned that they would prepare their party for the 100th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution with a younger and larger party.

It is also stated in the foundation that the PCRF will focus on the woman question as well with ‘an intense ideological struggle to fight against bourgeoisie feminism’. Next year, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, PCRF ano will anounces its participation in the International Working Women’s Day.

The official publication of the PCRF is stated to be the Intervention Communist (Communist Intervention).

Souirce: international communist press / RedGlobe