TurkeyAn another attack for the human right lawyers!

Today, our member Günay Dağ went to Maltepe Prison to visit one of his client who is a child and in hunger strike for 5 days to protest the conditions of prison.

Günay went there and wanted to speak with the manager. When they were in managers‘ room, the manager called the guards and they attacked to Günay. They tortured him.

Günay Dağ is still in the hospital and his hands might be broken.

We are not sad but we are angry. Everyday the violation of human rights become more harsh in Turkey. And of course State attacks lawyers, journalists and human right defenders because they know that we will contunie to fight against their violations.

In these dark days, solidarity is important more than ever. We would like to announce that we will contunie to fight against these violations, we contunie to fight against torture. This is what we can do! This is what we have to do!

With solidarity and best regards,

Source: anadolunewsblog / RedGlobe