FARC-EP1. The FARC-EP reaffirm, before Colombia and the world, that its guerrilla Fronts nationwide will remain in Final and Bilateral Ceasefire, as a necessary measure of relief to victims of the conflict, and as a sign of respect for the agreed with the National Government.

2. We call upon the social and political movement to support resolutely, through mobilisation and other forms of peaceful expression, the Final Agreement for the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace. Peace in Colombia is a constitutional right and a mandatory duty, which must prevail over hatred and violence.

3. Peace is a counter-majoritarian right, because it is a configurator and essential right to human dignity. So admits the Constitutional Court, which also affirmed in recent judgment that the plebiscite has no legal effect. The effect is political.

4. The Final Agreement for the construction of a stable and lasting peace has been signed as a Special Agreement and deposited with the Council of the Swiss Confederation, in Bern. This grants it an undeniable and irrevocable legal effect.

5. The FARC-EP remains faithful to the agreement. Peace with dignity is here to stay. The warmongering feelings of those who want to sabotage it will never be more powerful than the feelings of harmony, inclusion and social justice.

Central High Command of the FARC-EP

Source: FARC-EP / RedGlobe