TurkeyWe publish a new statement of the »Hasan Ferit Gedik Center for Struggle and Liberation from Drugs«, which continues its struggle against the AKP politics and for a new human being. Around hundred people could be cured from drug addiction by volunteer of this center, but the police brutally occupied it and prevents the struggle against drugs, while AKP daily creates new drug addicts in society.

The center is named by Hasan Ferit Gedik, who was killed by drug gangs in September 2013 during a manifestation against state drug politics in Istanbul’s neighborhood Gülsuyu. His murderers are still unpunished.

​The HASAN FERIT GEDIK CENTER FOR STRUGGLE AND LIBERATION FROM DRUGS was occupied by police on 31st August 2016 and turned into a police fortress.

15 patients of the treatment center were arrested and kept in police custody for 7 days. The patients were subjected to serious psychological torture.
They were said „If you continue to go for treatment in this center, we will put you in jail for 12.5 years“, attempting to prevent their treatment.

Why is a center, where drug addicted persons receive treatment raided and occupied by the police and why are the patients prevented from treatment?

The answer to this question is the same as the one, how much the use of drugs has increased especially during the last 10 years, when AKP government was in power.

It was reported, that the increase of use of drugs (and therefore also of enquiries to treatment centers) has been over 600% in the last 10 years.
(From 2007-2013 the enquiries to AMATEM increased for around 657%. Today this numbers are even much higher). The age of beginning with drug consumption decreased to 11.

The use of drugs doesn’t increase that rapidly by itself. The main reason for this increase is, that DRUGS ARE BEING SPREAD AS PART OF STATE POLICIES

The youth and in generally the people who are poisened with drug substances, won’t be able to counter tyranny and exploitation they’re confronted with, and the sole aim of their life will be to obtain drug substances.

The reason, why the use of drugs has increased for hundreds of percents within the last 10 years, is this reality.

In this situation nobody can’t say THE DRUG PROBLEM ISN’T MINE. Because use of drugs in as quickly spread as an epidemic. Now it is even sold in front of primary schools and in canteens. Everyone, who makes a littlel research, can find out this facts. The problem of drugs isn’t only a problem of those who use them or of their families it is the common problem of the whole population. If not today, tomorrow everybody’s child, husband/wife, brother/sister, relative or beloved one could be addicted to drugs and in order to obtain drugs could harm people around him by any means as stealing, robbing and others. Therefore the struggle against drugs is the struggle, duty and responsibility of all of us.

Who purposively escapes from this responsibility, turns a blind eye to the spread of drugs.

Don’t let us watch the poisening of our beloved ones by drugs.

Let’s take part in the struggle against drugs.

The HASAN FERIT GEDIK CENTER FOR STRUGGLE AND LIBERATION FROM DRUGS wasn’t just a treatment center for drug addicted persons, it was also effective in the struggle against drugs. The needs for the treatment center were met with the support and solidarity of the people, without taking any money from its patients.

In this manner there was developed an example on a world-wide-scale. By applying a treatment without medication, there wasn’t given also a base for making patients dependent from medication. A collective life,cultural arts activities, handiworks and workshop works on one side were used as means to integrate patients to production and on the other side to develop the person’s knowledge and abilities to create self-confident persons. By that, personalities who became spongers through drugs, weren’t anymore a problem for society, but a benefit for their people and country.

Exactly this is what they tried to prevent, and so the treatment center has been occupied by police and was transformed into a police fortress. It was attempted to prevent the successful struggle of the HASAN FERIT GEDIK CENTER FOR STRUGGLE AND LIBERATION FROM DRUGS.

The HASAN FERIT GEDIK CENTER FOR STRUGGLE AND LIBERATION FROM DRUGS and its struggle against drugs and degeneration was not just limited to a building. It is not possible to prevent this struggle by occupying a building and preventing its use for treatment (temporarily). The treatment center, which was in service for more than 2 years, has established strong and unbreakable ties with our people. It will continue its struggle by all appropriate means and methods. Certainly, this struggle can’t be continued and succeed with a few volunteers of the institution. Without participation and support of our people it is impossible to carry out such a struggle.

Actually the problem of drugs and degeneration is a common problem of all sections of the people. Therefore, it can be only solved by the common struggle of all parts of the people and with its support and solidarity. We call all our people to struggle drugs and degeneration and to support the HASAN FERIT GEDIK CENTER FOR STRUGGLE AND LIBERATION FROM DRUGS

Any of our people, whatever may be his/her profession can do something.. it can be economical support, meeting the needs, participating to cultural activities or workshops, or even a contribution by a friendly conversation.

We want to get back the former wedding hall inside the „Büyük Sehir Park“ in Gazi neighborhood, which we used as a treatment center. Until we get it back, we’ll temporarily continue our activities in another location. To open our new location and to take back our center, which was turned into a police fortress, we await everyone’s support.



Source: anadolunewsblog / RedGlobe