In the light of the recent developments and critical phase the negotiation procedure on the Cyprus problem is going through, the plenary of the Central Committee of AKEL convened today, which unanimously approved this statement. During the session, the Central Committee of AKEL discussed developments as they are evolving so far, taking into account that a formal and comprehensive briefing of the political party leaders by the President of the Republic is imminent.

The Central Committee of AKEL considers the progress recorded with respect to the criteria on the territorial issue as a positive development. This represents an important step towards finalizing the discussion on this chapter. The successful conclusion of the negotiation on the territorial issue to which we look forward to, as well as the approach to within range of an agreement of the two communities on the outstanding issues so far with regards the internal aspect of the Cyprus problem, will pave the way for the discussion of the particularly important chapter of security and guarantees.

AKEL, recognizing the critical situation for our country’s future and perspective, will continue to support the ongoing negotiation procedure aimed at reaching an overall solution to the Cyprus problem that will liberate and reunite our country and people. With a sense of patriotic responsibility towards our people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, with the seriousness that has always distinguished AKEL from others, we shall continue to act constructively for a solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the agreed framework of principles. We will seek to do everything on our own part to utilize the window of opportunity for the solution of the Cyprus problem and to fulfill the hopes of our people for a free and peaceful homeland.

In conclusion, we address a call to all political forces to exhibit a spirit unity and consensus, as well as the necessary responsible stand in view of the new, critical meeting in Switzerland. We address at the same time a call to our people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, for prudence and militant readiness for peace and the reunification of our country.

Source: AKEL / RedGlobe