JINHASince the declaration of the state of emergency on 20th of July 2016, in Turkey 146 press and broadcasting media outlets have been closed. The Turkish government is conducting these attacks on media through decree law. Within the last 4 months the government has enacted 10 decree laws, 2 of them for the closure of media outlets. The second one was announced on 29th of October 2016, when 15 – to date still remaining – mainly Kurdish news agencies, newspapers and journals were closed down. One of the via decree law closed down agencies is JINHA, the first all-female news agency in the Middle East.

Who is JINHA?

Jin (Kurdish: Woman) News Agency – JINHA started its work on 8th of March 2012, the World Women’s Day. JINHA is unique as it’s an all-female women’s agency, where only women work. This means that from the reporter on the street to the editor on the desk, all staff members are female. JINHA’s main aim is to overcome sexism in media, make women’s life and perspective visible and give all women a voice. JINHA was established in Diyarbakir, the biggest Kurdish city in Turkey, and has a network of reporters and volunteers in Turkey, Rojava and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as outside Kurdistan. It publishes news, supported with pictures and videos, in Kurdish, Turkish and English language.

JINHA is the voice of us all

JINHA is not only covering news about the situation of women in Kurdistan, but it’s the voice of all the women around the world. JINHA is publishing news that reflects the life, the conditions, the aims and objectives, the struggles and resistances, and the work and organisations of women from all arround the world with a certain perspective, that is anti-patriarchal, anti-sexist, and anti-misogynist. JINHA defends values like democracy, gender-liberation, ecology, equality and plurality and tries to contribute to a social change by a new and alternative form of journalism, which aims to create a new language and coverage in media. In this sense, although JINHA was founded by Kurdish women, this all-female news agency should be seen as the achievement of the worldwide struggle of women against all forms of patriarchy, sexism and misogyny.

Patriarchy tries to silence us

Even before JINHA was closed down, it’s staff was many times targeted by Turkish security forces. There are dozens of cases were JINHA reporters got attacked physically by Turkish policemen and soldiers while during doing their job. While a number of JINHA reporters and editors got detained and arrested because of their journalistic work, Zehra Dogan is still in prison. Dogan was arrested on 22th of July 2016 because of her news about the curfews in Kurdish cities and the attacks of Turkish military against civilians there. It’s obvious that JINHA is targeted not only because of covering the war of the Turkish state against the Kurds but also because of its identity as an all-female news agency. The AKP government, which is representing the symbiosis of fascism and
patriarchy, tries to silence the voice of resisting women.

Let’s show solidarity with JINHA

JINHA does not accept the antidemocratic decision to be silenced and continues to be the voice of women in Kurdistan and worldwide. We call you, women of the world, to stand up for JINHA and show solidarity. We cannot allow the fascist Turkish regime under the leadership of the misogynist AKP-government and president Erdogan, to silence the free voice of women. JINHA’s work is unique in form and content and needs our support. Let’s show solidarity and add your voice to the voice of JINHA.

  • Become volunteer reporter of JINHA
  • Send news, articles, information, statements etc. from your country to JINHA
  • Participate in our social media campaign. Write »JINHA cannot be silenced! I’m also volunteer reporter« on a paper, take a picture and share it with the hashtag #JINHAcannotbesilenced
  • Please contact: Ceni – Kurdish Women’s Peace Office via Ceni_Frauen@gmx.de

For further information: http://www.jinha.com.tr/en/jinhaber@gmail.com@JinhaWomensNews