Comandante Timochenko during the peace agreement ceremony in Bogota. Screenshot: TeleSur

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In a different scenario from the previous ceremony (on 26 September) today in the Colon Theatre of Bogota, some eight hundred guests have witnessed the signature of the new Final Peace Agreement between the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government.

The »sounds« of this ceremony were also different. While in Cartagena the protocol seemed to have been very strict, here in Bogota, people didn’t seem to follow »procedures« so strictly. Indeed when the presenter announced, that after the signature it would be Comandante Timoleon Jimenez, leader of the FARC-EP to take the floor, the audience erupted in a noisy and warm applause and chanting.

»May the words be Colombians´only weapon«, said Timochenko. »To reach this signature we lived more than 50 years in war« – said the FARC leader – »In this last phase we added things to the previous agreement, taking into account proposals from various groups. We have studied with positive attitude all proposals and we introduced important changes to the new text.«

Timochenko thanked the international community that »was present in Havana once again, worried about peace in Colombia«. Timochenko underlined that the »Protagonist of this new text are women organizations and LGBTI community who made clear what they meant as their role« Likewise – he added – »I want to thank the religious groups, intellectuals and civil society organisations that contributed to the new text«.

The leader of the FARC-EP extended »Our admiration goes to the thousands of Colombians who took to the streets, and the young students who signed a youth pact for peace, to the different communities, afro-descendent, indigenous, the families who joined the FARC guerrillas in the vigil for peace… This final agreement is yours […] because you helped building it with your aspirations, actions«.

Timochenko said that »The first national demand is to end use of weapons in politics, to recognise right to dissent and that life and personal integrity, freedom of movement and thought are real. Nobody must stay out of the agreement. With it we just put a definitive end to war, we don’t renounce to our position«.

The FARC commander asked »for speedy implementation: no more killings of trade unionists, civil leaders, community activists […] It is absurd that our guerrillas keep dying and their death is justified with absurd reasons«.

Source: FARC-EP / RedGlobe